3 Signs Showing When To Scrap Cars In Sydney

Posted on July 10th, 2017

It can be tricky deciding when to scrap your car, but you will have to make a decision to safeguard yourself. It’s important to put aside your personal preferences when you are burdened with expensive repairs and maintenance and you are not getting enough value out of your car. It’s then when you know it’s better to sell your car sooner or later before you pump in more money to get it fixed. We, at Sydney Wide Cash for Cars, can help you with this and suggest the signs that will help you decide faster.

When Declared Salvage by Your Insurance Company

When your car has been in an accident and your insurance company has written off or declared your car as salvage means that the company believes that the repairs would cost more than the current market value. In this case, the best option is to Scrap the Car and replace it as this is not only financially a better decision but also once the integrity of the car is compromised. Also, the safety aspect needs to be taken into consideration. Our company will help you with this if your car has been declared salvage by your insurance company.

When Repairs & Maintenance Costs Become Too Expensive

Cars tend to depreciate with age. But certain cars after a particular time tend to give the owner frequent problems and that’s a fairly good sign it is time to get rid of it. If you are making frequent visits to the mechanic more than usual with the budget going expensive indications that your car has lived out its useful days.At this point, it is advisable to cut your losses and Scrap the Car to a good company in Sydney.

Fuel Inefficiency

Some car owners have an emotional connection with their vehicles but with modern technology advancing, newer cars are designed to provide better efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. If you own an older model, your car is probably consuming more fuel and costing you more as well as having a negative impact on the environment. In this case, it is advisable not to use your current car & get rid of it if you want to.

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