Where To Sell Used Car In Sydney

Posted on May 6th, 2016

When it comes to selling your used car in Sydney, you are faced with a few options. You can sell it to a car buyer, a private buyer or a car removal service. If it’s in great working condition then you may be able to sell it to a car buyer or a private buyer. However, in many cases it’s more valuable as scrap and can be sold to a car removal company. Contact Sydney Car Removals to find out what your car is worth.

Finding a Car Removal Service

There are numerous Car Removal Services in Sydney which can be found with a straightforward web search. However, it can be tricky to find one that offers the best deal. Find recommendations from people you know or try the internet for reviews and see what others have to say. When selling a used car in Sydney there are a number of options available to you so shop around and find the best one for you. It’s also important to check their credentials as they should hold a license and certification in order to tow your car and recycle it. Make sure your research is in-depth if you are planning on using a car removal service in Sydney.

Keep It Local

If you want top dollar for your used car you should try a local company that doesn’t have too far to haul your vehicle. This way the towing is free and you can maximise the amount that you receive. Make sure they truly are local by looking for an address and phone number. There are a number of companies you can choose from in Sydney so make enquiries with ones that are in your area.

Think About the Environment

When you sell your old car to a private buyer or car buyer you have no idea where it will end up. Using a car removal service ensures it is recycled and the waste is disposed of safely. This conscious choice means you aren’t costing the environment through getting rid of your used car. When you come to sell your used car you are making a conscious decision about where it ends up.


You may struggle selling your car to anyone other than a car removal company if your car is in poor condition. Sydney Car Removals will take your car no matter what state it’s in. It may even be worth more as scrap, as parts can be reused and metals melted down for making into something else. Car removal companies recognise this value and will pay accordingly. The condition of your car will ultimately determine where you sell your used car in Sydney.

The condition of your used car is a large factor in determining where you sell it. If you decide it would be worth more as scrap get in touch with Sydney Car Removals to tow it away for free and cash on the spot. Choose local, consider the environment and make a conscious decision about where you sell your used car.