How To Sell A Car with An Expired Registration

Posted on November 15th, 2018

It is a well-known fact that most buyers won’t be interested in a car with an expired registration. The situation can be tough, if not costly for the car owner to get the car sold. There is a way to get the car sold with an expired registration. Let Sydney Car Removals tell you how.

Selling Your Car with An Expired Or No Registration

When the car no longer has its tags, and you don’t want to go to the expense of having it registered, Sydney Car Removals offers a way to get it sold. We are the car buyers in Sydney that pay cash for cars that don’t have their registrations. You’ll find that some car removal companies in town will quickly turn you away for the sale of your car. With Sydney Car Removals, we will buy your car, but the process is not as simple if it is not registered. There will be more paperwork required to get the car sold. So, does that mean that we will make you a lowball offer for the car? Not. Sydney Car Removals is a team that includes mechanics, so if the car is in repairable shape, we’ll make the repairs to have it registered and resale the car. If it is in severely damaged or scrap condition, our wreckers, and recyclers will take charge of the car. With their expertise in wrecking and recycling cars and trucks, our customers get fair cash payments.

Selling Your Car To Sydney Car Removals

At Sydney Car Removals, our customers have the easiest way to get their cars sold. They don’t come to us; we go to them! When we buy cars, we only require that you accept the quote that we provide, which can be obtained over the phone or online. We don’t require that you load up the car and bring the car to us. We will schedule a free car removal at a time of your convenience, coming to you to buy and remove the car or truck.

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