How Car Removal Services Are An Asset When Selling Your Car

Posted on April 15th, 2016


Some vehicle owners think that car removal services are just for scrap and damaged autos. Others know that they also offer the service of buying used vehicles for fair prices. If you are unaware of the asset that these companies provide, then continue reading to discover just what an asset these companies are to car sellers.

Offer Eco-Friendly Services

When a vehicle owner sells their scrap, accident or damaged auto to a car removal company that is also an auto wrecker and recycler, they are choosing a disposal that is environmentally sound. Disposing of your vehicle in a landfill or open plot is something that is extremely unhealthy for the environment. When you sell your vehicle to a service provider that wrecks and recycles, you are doing a tremendous service to the environment. Hazardous pollutants from the vehicle are not contaminating the environment, and the cost to manufacture new products is down through the use of recycling.

Clean Your Yard

Whether your vehicle is one that is scrap, accident, damaged or used you can get your yard cleaned up with just a call to a car removal company. These companies are also referred to as Cash for Cars auto buyers and buy vehicles of every make and condition.

An Instant Cash Sale

When you sell your vehicle to a cash for cars company, you receive an instant cash sale. These are companies that have built their businesses on quick and convenient sales that only take a call to get the process started. Reputable companies will stay true to the name of cash for cars and pay instant cash for vehicles they purchase.

Free Car Collections

Often, scrap and damaged car owners don’t have a way to tow their vehicle to a wrecker. And, if they did they

would still have to prep the vehicle for the wrecker. This includes draining the fluids and flattening the tyres. Something that becomes a costly chore. When a car removal company is your scrap auto buyer, you don’t have to be concerned with prepping your vehicle or how you will get it to the wrecker. The car removal company comes to your location and removes it at no cost.

Instant Cash Quotes

You may have a used vehicle that you are having trouble selling or a scrap vehicle that isn’t worth more to a buyer than a few parts under the hood that they need to repair their vehicle. Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, car removal companies will make instant cash quotes over the phone and through their web page. The great thing about scrap cars is that you get more than the value of just those few parts under the hood. You receive the recycle value that includes the weight of the vehicle for its steel that will be recycled, parts under the hood, and any interior or electrical components.

So, just how do you sell your vehicle to a car removal company?

You can sell your vehicle to a car removal company by contacting local service providers in your area. Just complete a search typing “Car Removal Sydney” or “Cash for Cars¬†Sydney” with the “Sydney” being your local area into your browser. This will yield many results. Begin to shop and compare the companies. Things to look for include:

Is the company licenced and insured. This is a sign that the company is a professional auto buyer in the area.

Do they have a local address and phone number? Don’t deal with one out of town as it is a sign that the company may not be on the up and up.

Do they offer instant cash quotes? You want to be able to shop and compare the easy way. Find companies that offer instant cash quotes over the phone and through their web page. This will let you know if you’d like to sell your auto to the company before you waste time with the company.

Does the company offer free car removals? If the service provider is in your local area, they should provide free car removals.

Does the company provide the sales contract? If the company does not provide the sales contract, then go elsewhere as you want a company that is a legitimate business, and the liability of the vehicle transferred from you at the time of the sale.

Car removal companies are an asset to those selling their vehicle for many different reasons. They are eco-friendly services that pay cash. They are a quick way to sell your unwanted vehicle, and they are the quick and convenient cash sale that saves the seller time and costs.