Damaged Car Removals

There’s no reason to pay to have your damaged car removed in Sydney, especially when you can have it removed at no cost to you and receive cash for its removal when Sydney Car Removals performs the service. We are the established car removal company that puts up to $10K CASH in our customers’ pockets.

There isn’t a better top paying car removal company in Sydney than Sydney Car Removals; and, to get top dollar, your car doesn’t need to just have a little scratch on the paint, it can be completely ripped apart and we will still offer you the most value for your vehicle. How? Our cash for damaged car removals Sydney system is simple. We know the value of your car, right down to the cent!

Our Damaged Car Removals in Sydney are first class with ease and convenience, friendliness and gratitude, and most of all, cash in your pocket on the spot. We never haggle over price, we offer you the best price possible from our initial cash offer.

How Sydney Car Removals Works

At Sydney Car Removals, our cash for damaged car removals is simple. We buy unwanted vehicles in Sydney for cash. Your car can be in any condition, running or not, and we will buy to resell the car, or break it down and put it to good use through recycling and reusing its parts and metal. This is the reason we are able to offer our customers top dollar on even the most useless damaged car that will never run again!

We offer our customers instant cash offers for their vehicles, and we don’t have to see your car first. We are that confident in our expert car appraisers, who know the value of your vehicle, even those old rusted vehicles that may be completely stripped bare but the frame can be crushed into scrap metal for resell and recycled into parts and products.

Our cash for cars system works like this:

1. You obtain an instant cash offer for your damaged Car Removal Sydney by either contacting us via the telephone number listed here on the site, or obtain an instant offer via our “Instant Car Appraisal” form on this site. Just look up at the top right of this page, and you’ll see the easy to fill out form which just takes a few minutes to complete. Once completed, click submit and we’ll quickly provide with a cash offer.

2. You then have the privilege of accepting our offer or rejecting the offer. If you accept, we can then schedule an appointment to come to your location and pick up your car. There’s never a charge to you, only cash in your pocket, on the spot.

3. Once there, we do all the heavy work of loading and hauling the vehicle, and before we leave, we will put our quoted cash offer amount in your hand, which could be up to $10K!

It is a process that is quick and easy and one where there’s never an obligation to accept our offer.

Why Choose Sydney Car Removals

When you choose Sydney Car Removals for your damaged car removal in Sydney, you are working with a professional car removal company. We are no second hand operation here, we are a first class car removal company in Sydney who has the ways and means to offer our customers the most value for their damaged car.

Our fleet of customised vehicles are the best in the industry and offer our experienced car removal experts the opportunity to remove any type of vehicle with ease. When you choose Sydney Car Removals, you get more than just great Car Removals Sydney, you get:

• Cash on the Spot for your Damaged Car Removal (we put up to $10K in your pocket, on the spot)

• Free Car Removals (there’s never a charge for our towing service!)

• Fast and Friendly Service (our expert car removers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so there is never a time that is inconvenient for you to schedule your unwanted car removal in Sydney!)

• We Serve ALL Suburbs of Sydney (no matter what your neighbourhood, we will be there!)

• Car Removals as soon as a Few Hours from Your Call!


When you choose Sydney Car Removals, you choose a professional!

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For a fast and efficient Sydney damaged car removal that is guaranteed to be a top dollar sell, just give us a call at the number listed below. You can also contact us via our “Instant Car Appraisal” request form located at the top right of this page. Within minutes you can be planning on how to spend your cash!

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