Is It Illegal To Sell A Flood Damaged Car In Sydney?

Posted on May 14th, 2019

Flood-damaged cars are as legal to sell as written off cars are, as long as the buyer knows about all the damage. It is considered illegal to hide the details of the damage that the car has endured while making a deal to sell your car with a customer.

Cash For Cars & Removal Company

It is unwise to look for a private buyer when trying to sell a flood-damaged car. These buyers are not looking for damaged cars but for used cars that work perfectly at affordable prices.

Thus, investing your time and efforts in looking for a private buyer who would accept your flood-damaged car would be very inefficient. Moreover, you may also need to invest in the car so that it works for the private buyer to purchase, something which he/she may not do after all.


Sell Your Flood Damaged Car For The Highest Cash Amount

However, car removal companies and companies that collect scrap cars would be more than happy to pay you with instant cash for whatever your car is worth. Going to them is probably wiser too since you won’t have to invest any more money in having the car repaired and fixed in order to sell it at a good price.

You can choose a company that offers free towing services and offers you a fair deal for your flood damaged car in instant cash. In this way, you will not have to make any further investments in your car in order to receive a fair amount of money for it.


Why Sell Your Flood Damaged Car To Us?

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