How to Sell My Damaged Car Without Fixing It?

Posted on November 30th, 2018

Selling a damaged car is no easy feat. The used car market is highly competitive.

Sell Your Damaged Car

Car buyers are looking for the best deals. What most of them are looking for are used cars in great working conditions, at affordable prices.


The last thing a private car buyer will be interested in is a damaged car that needs to be fixed up to get it roadworthy again.


If you have a damaged car that you would like to sell, you already know that finding a private buyer for it is a near impossible task.


So, what are your options? Where can you find a buyer for your damaged car, one that doesn’t require you to fix the car before they buy it?


Get A Quick Cash for Cars Sale For Your damaged Car in Sydney

Sell Your Damaged Car To A Car Removal Company 


The quickest and most reliable way to get fast cash for your damaged car is to sell it to an established car removal company in Sydney.


Car Removal companies typically buy used, damaged, broken or scrap vehicles by paying cash for them.

Sell Your Car Within An Hour


One of the biggest benefits of selling your car to a car removal company such as Sydney Car Removal is that you can get your car sold in a day – sometimes even within an hour.


When compared to other car selling options, which could take anywhere from a few days to weeks or maybe even months, this is a big advantage for car sellers.


You can have your damaged car off your property ASAP when you sell your car to a cash for cars buyer.

Sell Your Damaged Car Without Making Any Repairs


One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to selling a damaged or broken car is getting it ready for sale.

In a typical car sale, the car seller will be required to fix up the car for sale.

This means if the car has parts that are not working, they will have to be fixed or replaced.

There are other expenses involved as well, such as getting the car

professionally washed and detailed, renewing the rego & getting any dents,

scratches or other cosmetic issues fixed. And everyone know

just how expensive fixing up a damaged car can be.

A car removal company provides you with a no-expense car sale.

This means you can sell your damaged car without making any repairs to it.

And that’s welcome news to car sellers with scrap or damaged cars.

Your cars can be sold ‘as is’, even if they are in undrivable condition.


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