The Takata Airbag Recalls: Does This Affect You? Sydney Car Removals Year 2020

Posted on January 8th, 2020

Recently, the Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, Hon Michael Sukkar issued a recall for vehicles containing the defective Takata Airbag. The defective Takata Airbag has been considered a safety risk, potentially injuring or even killing drivers and passengers.

World’s Biggest Auto Recall For The Year 2020

The global recall for Takata Airbags is the world’s largest recall of vehicles, affecting over 100 million vehicles and at an estimated 3 million in Australia.

If your vehicle contains a defective Takata Airbag, you are urged to contact your supplier (manufacturer) immediately.

Automotive Brands Affected by The Recall

It affects many major Automotive brands across the globe including:



  •         Lexus
  •         Saab
  •         Opel
  •         Tesla
  •         Subaru
  •         BMW
  •         Chrysler
  •         Jeep
  •         Toyota
  •         Honda
  •         Mazda
  •         Mitsubishi
  •         Honda
  •         Ford
  •         Mercedes
  •         Nissan

Why are Takata Airbags Being Recalled?

Takata Airbags are being recalled due to a defect that the ACCC labels as high-risk. Investigations by the ACCC have also found that one or more suppliers have not taken satisfactory measures to prevent this issue. T

he Takata Airbag’s defect has meant that as the airbag ages and becomes exposed to high temperatures, it is triggered and deployed with too much force, causing danger fragments to shoot out and injury or in some cases kill occupants in the vehicle.

The Takata Airbag defect has been directly linked to 320 injuries and 29 deaths worldwide. In Australia, the defect has already been linked to one serious injury and one death.

How to Check if Your Vehicle Contains a Defective Takata Airbag

You can check if your vehicle contains a defective Takata Airbag by visiting the Takata Airbag Recalls List. The list is ordered in alphabetical order by Auto Brand, but you can also search for your vehicle by make, model or year. An alternative option is to submit your vehicle’s license plate number at, after which it will tell you if your vehicle contains the airbag being recalled.

Your Vehicle Contains a Faulty Airbag – What Do You Do Next?

If your vehicle has a recalled Takata Airbag, you are urged to contact your vehicle’s supplier as soon as possible by calling the Australian office your Auto Brand. Your vehicle’s website will also have instructions specific to your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s airbag will then be replaced immediately at no cost to you. For more information, visit the Product Safety website.

This article was written by Sydney Cars Removals and updated and published in the year 2020.