What To Do With Your Written Off Car In Sydney

Posted on June 24th, 2016

For whatever reason your car may be deemed a write off you might be wondering what to do with it. It’s a good idea to get in touch with your local car removal company. They offer the convenience of coming to you and hauling your vehicle away for free. They will also provide you with an obligation free quote as an extra incentive. Sydney Car Removals will pay you for your old car no matter what condition it’s in. Here’s what to do with your written off car in Sydney.

Get Rid of It

 If your car becomes a write off it’s not safe to be on the road and it’s too expensive to make it roadworthy. Don’t attempt to drive it to ensure yours and others safety. Don’t cling onto it and get in touch with a car removal company straightaway. A car disposal service will put in the hard yards so that you don’t have to. They will take care of the towing, wrecking, recycling plus any paperwork involved. All of this is at absolutely no cost to you plus you can make some money from it too.

Act Straightaway

 Once you find out it’s a write-off you should start looking up a car removal company. When you make the first move they can have your car gone within a few hours at best or a couple of days at worst. Even though your car may be badly damaged it’s likely there are perfectly working parts which can be salvaged in the right hands. Scrap metal also holds value based on its weight and the current metal price. Don’t jeopardise your car’s earning potential and have it removed straightaway. Delaying action could lose you money so it’s best to get onto it.

Empty Your Vehicle

 When you come to get rid of your car it makes sense to completely clear it. Check the glove compartment, under seats and any nooks or crannies. Take your time and perform a thorough search of your car. You won’t get another opportunity to remove items once it’s gone. When your car has been towed away auto wrecking technicians set to work on taking it apart. Any recyclable parts are salvaged and the shell is crushed to store before selling for smelting.

If you can’t decide what you should do with your written off vehicle get in touch with your car removal specialist and they can get rid of it for you. Get it off the road and be proactive. Clearing out your essentials before they pick it up is essential. Sydney Car Removals have experience with auto recycling and can offer you a substantial amount of cash for it.