Do You Live In NSW & Have Recently Sold Your Car? Here’s Why You Need to Cancel Your Vehicle Registration

Posted on October 28th, 2019

An essential part of letting go of your vehicle, whether it be because you have sold it or gotten rid of it, is informing the government of your Vehicle’s Registration cancellation. By not doing so means that your former vehicle could be used recklessly by a new owner and you will be the one who is fined or even charged.

Luckily, you can cancel your vehicle registration by visiting your local Service Centre.

How to Cancel Your Vehicle Registration In New South Wales

In a few simple steps, you can cancel your vehicle registration and prevent a lot of potential headaches in the future. You can also request a refund for your registration plates.

First, download and complete the following documents:

The next step is to prepare essential documents and information including:

  • Proof of identity/photo ID
  • Title of Ownership/Ownership Registration (if applicable)
  • Vehicle License Plates or Police Event Number (if the vehicle is lost or stolen)
  • Your Cancellation Payment

Lastly, visit your nearest Service Centre to complete your vehicle’s registration cancellation. If you’d prefer to keep your vehicle license plates, a service station will have to hold on to them for an additional fee.

Here’s Why Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration Is Important

Cancelling your vehicle license is simply a common practice whenever saying goodbye to your car, but it’s also very important.

If you don’t cancel your vehicle license, you could get in trouble if your new operator uses your former car and:

  • Is involved in unlawful activity
  • Breaks traffic and road rules such as speeding
  • Gets a parking ticket
  • Is caught being driven while being in the written-off register
  • Is involved in an accident

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