Free Cash Valuation For Your Accident Car Sydney – Sell Your Used Cars For Cash

Posted on February 16th, 2018

When your car has been involved in an accident, it’s decision time. As the car owner, you’re basically left with two viable options: shell out the money for the repairs or opt for a Cash for Scrap Sale. Getting your car fixed following an accident can turn out to be a big expense. Sometimes, it makes more sense to simply get rid of the car. There is a lot of car removal and cash for scrap businesses in and around Sydney that will be happy to buy your damaged vehicle.
Here are some tips on how to get a quick cash sale for your accident car.

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Used Car Valuation Sydney

Evaluate the Damage and Assess the Value
When you try to sell a car that has been in an accident, the number one thing that potential buyers will want to know is the condition of the car. Be prepared to answer questions like is the car roadworthy? What is the extent of the damage? When you know exactly what’s wrong with the car, it becomes easier to determine the best price that you can hope to get. Also, buyers appreciate a well-informed seller who is realistic and reasonable about the price.

Determine Your Target
There is a lot of cash for scrap places in Sydney that buy accident cars that are beyond repair. Resist the urge to accept the first reasonable offer that comes your way. Instead, take your time and shop around, getting quotes from various buyers. Keep in mind that some businesses offer to remove the car from your property for free while some others might charge for the removal. Factor in such additional costs and choose a buyer who offers you the highest price.
If your car is in a relatively good condition, you can choose to advertise it online and find a buyer. This approach is time-consuming (more so for damaged vehicles) but if you do manage to get a buyer, you stand to make more money than you would if you sold to a dealership. Of course, the simplest option is to sell the car to a used car dealer. If you want to sell fast and get some cash in hand at the earliest, then a dealership is the way to go. They will buy the car from you, fix it up and sell it for a profit.

Be Prepared
The worst thing that you can do as a car owner looking to sell is to be unprepared. In order to close a sale quickly, you need to have all the papers ready. The minute you find a good buyer, close the deal without any further delay. Cash sales need to happen smoothly, without any delays. Both the buyer and the seller are looking to have a quick transaction that goes without a hitch. So, be sure to do your part to facilitate that.

Get Your Car Ready for The Road
No matter how old or damaged the car is, a car that is in working condition will fetch you a lot more cash than one that’s not roadworthy. While spending thousands on fixing your car might not get you the ROI that you want, spending some money to get the car ready for the road will add a lot of value to the final sale price. It also makes sense to do some maintenance work to make your car more desirable to buyers.

Sell the Parts
Depending on the condition of the car, you sometimes stand to make more money selling the parts individually than to sell the car as a whole. You can sell the components to individual buyers and then sell the body of the car to a metal recycler.

Advertise Your Car on Different Platforms
Attract more buyers by advertising your car in many different websites. Sites like Gumtree and eBay are great venues to showcase your car. Be very honest and forthright about the condition of your vehicle, providing photos and descriptions to help buyers get a clear idea.
Selling a car that’s damaged can be tricky. But with a little effort and by following the above-mentioned tips, you can succeed in making a cash sale for your accident car.