How To Register A Car In  New South Wales

Posted on June 20th, 2018

Registering a car in New South Wales (NSW) is not easy, but it’s possible. What makes buying an unregistered car appealing is the price you can often get it for. Many unregistered cars are in good working condition. All their owner has neglected to do their car is register it.

This might be because of the cost involved or the hassle.

As a guide for our clients, and prospective clients, what we’ve done at Sydney Car Removals is put together a simple guide that tells you what to do – and watch out for – when buying a car that’s unregistered.

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All vehicles in New South Wales must be registered

Whether you’re buying a car, caravan, trailer, motorbike or ute, it must be registered with Transport Roads and Maritime Services before you can legally drive it on the road.

A vehicle can be registered in your name, or in the name of an incorporated company. Once you register your vehicle, you are responsible for it.

 How To Regsiter A Car In NSW

What you’ll need to register your vehicle

  1. Proof of identity

A New South Wales  Photo Card or New South Wales driving or riding license that is current or that has expired in the last 2 years.

You will also need documents that prove your identity from what Transport Roads and Maritime Services call list 1 and list 2 – you can access both lists using this link we’ve provided

Identification options include an Australian Birth Certificate, an Australian passport, a Medicare card – the full lists are supplied in the link above.


  1. Your signature – witnessed by a member of society or family

You will require to provide a statement that the signature you have provided Transport Roads and Maritime Services with is your own.


Your statement will need to be signed by you and witnessed by your employer, bank manager, a teacher, school principal, accompanying parent or guardian.


  1. You must buy insurance for your vehicle – this is compulsory and non-negotiable

You will need CTP insurance (commonly called ‘Green Slip’). This will protect you from liability, in case, you, or anyone else driving your vehicle has an accident that causes death or injury. Your CTP slip must cover you for a minimum period 12 months.


  1. Your car must pass an AUVIS check

AUVIS stands for Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station.

The most important part of the registration process, the vehicle you intend to purchase of buy will be checked and examined by an Inspector.

If it passes the test, the Inspector  will give you a signed, printed, Identity Safety

Check certificate (ISC). You will need this certificate to say your vehicle has cleared its safety checks before Transport Roads and Maritime Services can register it for you.


You can find an AUVIS Inspection station by entering your postcode here –


  1. What to do when you have all the documents you need?

Go to your nearest motor registry and apply to register your vehicle. Staff will answer any questions you have at this stage.


It’s useful to ensure you have all the necessary documentation before you visit the motor registry. You can access the Checklist Transport Roads and Maritime Services has made available to us at this link. Click on the link, then scroll to the bottom where you will find the checklist.


If you cannot register your car or would like to Get Rid of Your Old Vehicle, please give us a call at Sydney Car Removals on 0477 964 311 or by filling our enquiry form online at